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managed to finalized NYP on air in school with the sbd people sitting through with me.pics soon.
did up partially of the slide presentation for today.
started off to do the template and arrangement of the archiving.
did animatics for our coke seq.However it 1/2 way done only.

(all pics will be updated when get sch.school com cant upload pics to blogger)

did nyp logo development today and manage to finalized it with the sbm people.Photos will upload asap. also did moodboard for coke.

been really busy with nyp tv and hp that i hadnt have time to upload whatever that i did.Furthermore the school computer doesnt allow to upload pics.I had no choice but to do my draft at home.

Development over the weekends

click for larger view




Graphic exploration on

after sketching, i realize that interactive and hub can be closely linked together.it can definitely work as a possibility of integrating them together.


We wrapped up wabisabi on monday with the illstallation and user test and feedback.Overall i would say it was 50% sucessful with lots of changes expected in the remaining 2 months.


did brain storming for NYP logo yesterday and came out with the following sketches are done by me by exploring the different shapes that can represent NYP as a
- youthful - energetic - fresh,

visual reference
some of them only


Click for larger image.

We went to visit and interview mr iskandar kalil.We really learn and gain lots of insights from him.We asked him some question about what wabisabi is to him and were really surprise that how we interpret it was very close to him.For example, we felt that art should be something very intuitive and he said something that there's no such things as creativity in art but only some called intuition.He believe that true art and design comes from the heart not the brain.If it comes from the brain, its most likely not original and is being done somewhere or by someone already.

He felt that wabi sabi design should be:

something that comes from the heart and soul
delicate at the same time
materials should be minimum

Thus, we hope that through our interview mr iskandar, we can re-enforce the spirit and beauty of this
aesthetic and bring it to another level.

We are doing
from growth to death
from death to decay
the process whereby things changes through time, the process of whereby beauty in infinite.
it is through time that things seasons, we can see the delicateness.

we aimed to let the public stop.look.think
to let them take a break from their hectic lives
to slow down and appreciate this beauty.

Changing their behavior
we want out audience to experience and understand the process of this cycle.To let them start to notice those little details in their everyday life so that they will not take things as it is.the process of things changes through time and that these changes are beautiful.

Esplanade and NYP

time warp of events from one time period to another or the suspend passage of time.

cycle.the changes of things through time.explore how it is to look like if we stop the time and look into the details.


+natural objects take things that they don't need and they create maximum beauty.
+Intuition engages a person's mind enough to prevent other thoughts.

We decided to do something abstract and intuitive by using things u get to see almost everyday like household item ranging from taps dripping water to fibres from wool and items from nature like live to death leaves and animals/insect.The ,main objective is to get the whole feeling of wabi sabi-ness that we get when we see these items after how our brain process it.